Repair & Restoration

Breathing Life Back in

Does your vessel need a little love? We have the tools to bring your wooden and fiberglass boat back to life

Repair & Restoration
Repair & Restoration

Projects starting at $65/hr


Fiberglass repair

Sealing & Staining

Wooden Hull repair

End-of-season maintenance

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We provide:

  • Fiberglass & wood repair to most hulls and cabins
  • Outboard motor installation & rigging
  • Marine plumbing & electric
  • Wood refinishing 
  • Brightwork
  • Sanding, Staining, Repainting

If you have an issue with your boat that needs some attention, contact us and we’ll see how we can help.  

We provide all phases of fiberglass and wood preservation to include sanding, staining, painting, varnishing and sealing. Whether end-of-season or pre-launch, we will make sure your boat looks its best. 

We complete all repair and restoration work on site at our shop in Falmouth. We will consider mobile repair options based on our schedule and the boat’s location. 

We have the ability to transport your boat to our shop for a fee provided the boat is on a road-worthy trailer and within 50 miles.