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At ArtBoats, when we say SPEC we mean the standard design for each of our models – whether a Shanty, Floating Camp, or Catamaran. We offer these as starting points for you to refine based on your specifications. And of course, you can choose to simply commission an ArtBoat on SPEC and we will follow the pre-determined design. 

We can build you anything that safely floats. But to help frame it for you, we offer several examples of ArtBoats that have proven comfortable and functional over the years. The way you intend to use your ArtBoat will drive the design and we will help advise you with recommendations based on our experience.  

Short answer – YES! You can use your ArtBoat on water, so whether lake or ocean . . . or river or pond or bay . . . it’s your choice. However, there are design considerations based on where you will float your ArtBoat, so it’s important to let us know it’s intended use. And one additional caveat – although our vessels are suitable for coastal ocean waters, we do not build vessels rated for offshore use.  

Additionally, we encourage you to understand the rules and regulations that may apply in your local municipality. But generally speaking, if you’re using your ArtBoat as a marine vessel, they are perfectly allowed to be on the water just like any other boat. Keep in mind environmental considerations (e.g. wastewater disposal) as well. We will happily help you understand any specific considerations with your design before we begin.  

That’ll depend on a few things, but for reference, our typical build for a SPEC 30ft liveaboard catamaran averages 9-16 weeks. A number of factors affect that timeline including systems, customization, level of completion, and our project schedule. We tend to dedicate focused effort and prefer to work one major project at a time. We will include an estimated completion date with your initial quote and will keep you updated on our timelines throughout the project.

No problem! We’ll get your project to whatever level of completion you’d like and we’ll adjust your quote accordingly. Just be aware that we aren’t liable for any work or modifications made to the ArtBoat after the sale.