Artify your existing Boat

If you’ve already got a marine vessel, we can convert it into your own piece of floating art

Custom design Projects starting at $25k

Design consultation & Build Plans

system upgrades & Renovations

Exterior Modification

Interior remodeling

Have some ideas?
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This is How we Float

Yes we do! 

Floating Camp Nomad was a full renovation of a 1968 Thunderbird Drift-R-Cruz houseboat. You can see more details and pictures here and here

Once we understand the type and condition of the vessel we’re starting with, we’ll schedule a complimentary one-hour consult to discuss the details of where and how you plan to use your Artboat (e.g. floating quarters for guest overflow at your lakeside cabin? or coastal day cruiser? or river looper?). We’ll then design a custom buildout plan, present design options, provide a quote. Once we all agree on the details, we’ll get to work. You can always  Contact us if you have a question about where to begin. 

Think of an Artification project as a renovation of your current vessel. That can be as simple as refining the interior or exterior (or both!) with some snazzy details, or as involved as a full gut and rebuild from the cabin in. We can install a marine head or galley, fix plumbing or electrical issues, or simply design a cozy place for you to sleep aboard. We want your time on the water to be comfortable, safe, and artful. Let us help you craft your perfect waterborne experience.  

We can renovate most any existing vessel that you want artified. If you have a cruiser that you want converted into a liveaboard, we can do that. If you have an existing houseboat in need of some updates, we can do that too. Come to us with what you have and your thoughts on how you’d like to use it and we will work with you to design an ArtBoat to your specifications.

That’ll depend on a few things, but for reference, our typical full renovation of a 30ft existing boat averages 8-10 weeks which includes a complete demo and rebuild. A number of factors affect that timeline including systems, repairs, demo requirements, customization, level of completion, and our project schedule. We tend to dedicate focused effort and prefer to work one major project at a time. We will include an estimated completion date with your initial quote and will keep you updated on our timelines throughout the project.